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Entering a dark environment … it is widely recognized as one of the most dangerous acts in tactical situations.

… before you turn on your flash light and become the target …

… before you throw in a Flash-Bang grenade with the risk of harming unidentified innocent individuals or igniting combustible gasses or chemicals …

Arm and throw inside a DISTRACT-BALL®: the two 1,040 lumens LED CREE lights (each) combined with a 110+ dB siren like sound will confuse and temporarily blind insider/s giving you enough time to assess the situation and make critical decisions.

DISTRACT-ALL … Distract, Observe & Gain Control.



The DISTRACT-BALL is NOT an alternative to the Flash Bang Grenade. Our Device does not stun or render people senseless. The DISTRACT-BALL is simply a very effective Non-Lethal and Non-Explosive DISTRACTION device designed to give you, the person deploying it, precious tactical seconds to assess the situation and make the next critical decision.