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“We utilized your distract-ball during a recent search warrant in which young children were present at a residence amongst weapon and animal threats (including a report of a young tiger…really). It was used inside the residence during breaching with no problems and without being eaten.”

 Sgt. Kory Webb

Achison PD (KS)


“ We enjoyed using the devices. … it is a good product with many types of uses …”

 David Armstrong

Texas Ranger “B” Dallas, Special Operation Group SRT-1


Mr. O'Halloran,

I am responding in regards to the Distract-Ball's you provided the Cottonwood Police Department. We have done some training with them and found them useful during these times. We used them in completely dark room which the light was able to illuminate the room, helping us to see, prior to having to enter. The sound was found to be distractive and "annoying" to those we have tested them on. Those who have been exposed to it have found themselves focused on the sound and the ball as it entered the room. We also found in training, multiple balls have made for more distraction, obviously.

We have not had the opportunity to deploy them in a live mission as of yet, but they were in our OPPS plan on the last arrest/search warrant we served, we just did not get the opportunity to deploy them, due to the subject coming out.

At this time, though we have nothing but good things. I will keep you more informed as we get more use out of them

Thank you again for providing us with a great tool.

Scott Dever

Cottonwood PD

VVR SWAT Assistant Team Leader.


“We just successfully deployed the DISTRACT-BALL earlier this week against a charging pitt-bull, who ran away immediately."

Wyandot Co. S.O.


“We had the opportunity to use the device in a combine training with the USDA. The scenario involved explosive material and poisonous gases. The device worked very well!”

Officer E Miller #5252

Pocatello PD