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A strange noise wakes you up …

… you hear somebody in the kitchen

… before you turn on the lights

… before you make yourself visible

and before things get out of control …

Activate and throw in a DISTRACT-BALL® …

The DISTRACT-BALL® will let you identify the intruder without being noticed as the intense sound with strobing lights will temporarily confuse and blind him/her, giving you the critical time to make the right decision.

DISTRACT-BALL® … Distract, Observe & Gain Control.


 Home Security

When faced with a home intruder it may be smarter to have a get away plan versus an engagement plan. The terminology is called "fight or flight". You will figure out exactly what you want to do in about the first three seconds of any situation, it is a basic human instinct to fight your aggressor or run from him.

The DISTRACT-BALL® is a state-of-the-art distraction device that utilizes a combination of high-powered CREE LED lights and intense sound to distract and confuse hostile forces. The DISTRACT -BALL® diverts attention for a few seconds in order to give YOU the distinct tactical advantage of controlling the situation and leaves opposing forces confused in its wake.

Because the DISTRACT -BALL® does not use combustion or explosive events to generate illumination and sound effects, it can safely be used in any enclosed environments to create effective distraction.

Add the DISTRACT-BALL® to your home security strategy and rest easier knowing you're prepared for the unexpected!

 Personal Protection

Consider that dark parking lot or enclosed ramp walking back to your car. Maybe you're a college student or young professional working late. Personal protection tools such as pepper spray, etc. are only effective when faced with an "up-close" encounter with the bad guy. Your best option is a personal protection device that will keep distance between you and the hostile. What is your option?

The DISTRACT-BALL® creates the distraction needed in situations like these. Simply activate the device and toss in the direction of potential conflict. The DISTRACT-BALL® immediately emits over 110 decibels of sound while creating 2080 lumens of strobing light. The result? The disorienting effect created will send the bad guy running and give you the precious time needed to get to a safe area!


DISTRACT-BALL® … Distract, Observe & Gain Control.