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Meet Our Team

 Paolo M. Vianson, CEO    pvianson@durendal-llc.com

Paolo got his "Dottore in Ingegnieria Maccanica" degree from the Polytechnic of Milano, Italy, in 1983.

In 1984 Paolo moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he joined Square D Company in charge of all R&D and Manufacturing activities. Between 1984 and 1990 Paolo and his Team developed several advanced products in the high voltage switching market, using a patented high-power mechanism. Square D Co. was able to penetrate the European market with a product that was superior in performance and, at the same time, more compact.

In 1990, Paolo and a partner started PMC Technology, Inc., a company that designed and manufactured customized products for OEMs in the international medium voltage power transmission and distribution market. Paolo leveraged his electro-mechanical know-how to develop a second patented operating mechanism that enabled PMC Technology to manufacture the most compact circuit breakers in the medium voltage market. Operating as a Lean Enterprise, PMC Technology developed and manufactured customized products in half the time usually required in the industry. Under Paolo's management, PMC Technology rapidly became profitable.

In 1994, Paolo and his partner sold PMC Technology Inc to Powell Industries Inc (POWL). Paolo was retained as Vice President and General Manager of the newly formed subsidiary. With the new financial support, Paolo was able to grow the subsidiary's business three fold and develop new, more powerful and profitable lines of products for the North America and Asian Markets.

In 2000, Paolo and his family moved to Arizona and switched his career to Investment Services. Since then, Paolo has acquired ownership interest in several companies with unique growth potential in a variety of market segments and uses his knowledge in Lean Enterprises transformation to provide critical support.

Michael Hilbrath, Chief Technology Officer    mhilberath@durendal-llc.com

Mike Hilbrath is the Chief Technical Officer of Durendal LLC. He holds a Masters Degree in electrical engineering, with over 25 years of circuit design and development.

With the commencement of this new age of LED technology, Mike has risen to the challenge of applying this technology to the American security sector, helping enable safe, non-lethal methods of crime prevention.

 Thomas Kaye, Chief Financial Officer    tkaye@durendal-llc.com

Tom Kaye directs all aspects of financial planning and analysis for Durendal LLC, including long-range planning, budget preparation, asset evaluation and due diligence.

With formal education from Arizona State University, Tom brings over fifteen years of financial and investment experience to the project. He is currently the Accounts Payable Manager for the Arizona Department of Transportation. Tom was also instrumental in the assemblage, entitlement and development of Phoenix Regional Airport, a 400+ acre, $24 million development in Pinal County, AZ.

Among Tom's essential functions at Durendal:

  • Directs the preparation of all reports to shareholders.
  • Supervises preparation of budgets in coordination with all division and project managers.
  • Coordinates long-range planning process for all divisions.
  • Leads staff in compliance with all applicable regulations and dealing with government regulators.

 David Brown, VP Marketing & Sales    dbrown@durendal-llc.com


Marketing and Sales activity is managed by David Brown; he brings twenty plus years of experience from both the publishing and sales management fields. An Industrial Engineering graduate of Western Michigan University, David has also obtained additional post-graduate training in advertising and public relations, computer-aided design, website design and e-commerce development.

David has designed and continues to refine the company’s website at www.durendal-llc.com along with its online e-commerce offerings. The site is a major source of information with new content and features that maintain freshness and offers relevant material to our sales rep network and other interested parties. David’s experience with innovative, cutting-edge technology uniquely positions him to spearhead marketing activity for DISTRACT-BALL and Durendal LLC.

 David also consults for GVDC Group, a Phoenix-based, innovative real estate development firm. Duties include design and implementation of print advertising and sales material, spearheading a 3d modeling (virtual reality) project of master plan, establishment of a national call center (incoming/outgoing), website design and maintenance, and refinement of integrated marketing plan. He is also principal owner of RJO Corporate, an athletic events support firm specializing in decorated apparel for running events and sports tournaments.

  Frank O'Halloran, VP of Technical Support and Client Success    fohalloran@durendal-llc.com

Frank grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. and settled in the Phoenix area after he served his country in the U.S. Submarine Service. He then proudly served his new home community for 25 years in the Scottsdale Police Department where he retired as a lieutenant. He specialized in community and problem oriented policing, program management, and instruction/training in diverse subject matter including crisis response.

Frank was also a ten-year SWAT Hostage/Crisis Negotiator and nine year program manager of the Crisis Intervention Team officers; along with incident management an integral component of his everyday job, he has well-rounded experience in crisis response.

Frank earned his master’s degree from Arizona State University at the Graduate School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He is currently using his master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in social sciences and education to teach college, and he continues to provide instruction to police officers at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy and in crisis intervention.

Frank is responsible for penetration of the Law Enforcement market in Arizona as well as generating training guidelines for deploying the DISTRACT-BALL. Frank also heads up public relations with the media in AZ. In addition, Frank is responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program for Arizona; he will establish and maintain relationships between Durendal and its clients, as well as between Durendal and the public.

As Frank says:

"I wish I had DISTRACT-BALL available to me a few months ago, and I can’t wait for us to ensure all 17,000 American police departments and all 675,000 American police officers have it available to them"

 Brenda Nath, Advisor    brenda@durendal-llc

Brenda Lee Nath brings over 20 years law enforcement experience to team Durendal. Nath started her LEO career in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Specialist, Military Working Dog handler stationed at Yokota AFB, Japan. She then temporarily worked as detention officer in Clovis, NM prior to her employment as a deputy in the United States Marshals Service. Nath initiated a successful media campaign for the Marshals, District of Arizona, which lead to public awareness and fugitive apprehension. Nath earned her MBA in Information Technology and was immediately accepted into the FBI as a special agent.